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Pubg mobile lite new updates full information and details

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Pubg mobile lite new updates full information and details

PUBG Mobile introduced "Lite" version of the game in India in July, targeting the wider audience who still do not have high-end smartphones to support seamless gameplay. With toned-down graphics and certain limitations, PUBG Mobile Lite became an instant hit with 10M+ downloads. There's no reason to skip PUBG Mobile Lite if you have a low-end device, especially after the new update.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.1 update brings several changes to the game, promoting intense gameplay. The biggest highlight of the new update is the introduction of a new map, Golden Woods, which engages PUBG Mobile Lite players into a tight battleground for intense combat. If you've picked up your pace in PUBG Mobile Lite and wish to test your quick-acting skills, the new Golden Woods map is the right place to start.

According to PUBG Mobile developers, the Golden Woods map is smaller and has small towns to loot. There's also a lot of shrubbery for intense combat scenes. If we have to draw similarities, Golden Woods could be the Sanhok of PUBG Mobile Lite with its own unique taste.

PUBG Mobile Lite's new map isn't everything in the 0.14.1 update. There's also a new Arcade Mode, dubbed War Mode, which as the name suggests is for action-filled combat. Players in the War mode will have RPG-7s.

As in the case of most updates, PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.1 update brings new weapons, including PP-19 sub-machine gun, QBZ, QBU DMR rifle and the classic UAZ four-wheeled vehicle. In addition, the latest update brings a new ranked season with new rewards starting October 1 and new challenges are available in the Missions menu for players to win valuable prizes with their in-game skills.

PUBG Mobile Lite is several regions of South Asia, Africa and East Europe, with the target audience being owners of low-end phones. The game is optimised to run on smartphones with less than 2GB RAM. In fact, the game itself weighs in about 40MB. But the reduced size comes with certain limitations, such as the graphics are not even close to the original PUBG Mobile game, there are 60 players instead of 100 and the armoury is different too. But it caters to a completely new userbase, who often feel left out from the growing PUBG Mobile hype.

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