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Comparison between pubg mobile and call of duty mobile

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call of duty mobile vs pubg mobile

Activision's popular battle title Call of Duty is now on both the mobile platforms - Android and iOS. Published by Tencent, it sits in the same space as PUBG MOBILE with a dedicated battle royale mode. So, is this the new game of the year and does it make the Chicken Dinner stale?


1] Call of Duty Mobile offers regula mission based game modes and battle royale mode.

2] Both PUBG MOBILE and Call of Duty Mobile have great console-quality graphics.

3] Both PUBG MOBILE and Call of Duty Mobile have an impressively detailed roster of ammunition

PUBG stepped into the mobile gaming arena, mobile games haven't been the same since then. New titles keep coming out every few weeks with graphics and gameplay that can challenge proper console games any given day. However, the battle royale formula is superhit and every PC gaming franchise wants to be a part of this - there are talks that EA could bring Apex Legends to smartphones soon. Activision, who's responsible for the worldwide-hit franchise Call of Duty (COD), has worked with Tencent to bring it to the mobile platform and it's already available in beta now.

Simply titled Call of Duty Mobile, it aims to bring the familiar COD gameplay to the mobile for fans of the franchise. In addition, to tackle the competition, it also brings in the viral battle royale mode that challenges you to win as the last man standing. Sounds familiar? On paper, the concept sounds very similar to PUBG MOBILE's gameplay. And when I tried it in person, it did feel very much like PUBG in a lot of ways. And that makes it interesting - a proper PUBG MOBILE rival is finally here after a long time.

So after playing it for a couple of hours, here's how I feel it compares to PUBG MOBILE.

Gameplay: Classic Call of Duty experience with a PUBG twist

PUBG has immortalized the battle royale genre in the world of mobile games. Ever since PUBG MOBILE, the idea of fighting it out with up to 100 real-life players in a desolated map sprinkled with weapons has appealed to a larger crowd and pulled in more people in the world of games. Call of Duty carries that idea forward with its own twist to make it slightly different from what we are used to in PUBG MOBILE.

The pace of the game in PUBG MOBILE seems fast, even in the Classic mode matches. In comparison, Call of Duty multiplayer mode matches have a more relaxed pace. I often found spending more time looking at the environment during the gameplay - something that I have always struggled to do in a PUBG match. Of course, you have to keep in mind that PUBG is themed around hardcore battle royale-style survival while Call of Duty Mobile has a more mission-based approach to its gameplay (excluding the Battle Royale mode). The missions require you to work on the strategies and focus more on ammunition management. This is classic Call of Duty gameplay.

In the Battle Royale mode, there's not really much difference between Call of Duty and PUBG. Both the games have the same concept - you need to jump in a big map, collect weapons, protect your team members, move around using vehicles, kill enemies using smart strategies and be the last man (or team) standing to win the match. However, in PUBG MOBILE, a player is just part of a team and has no superiority over others, apart from the playing skills. Call of Duty goes for a different approach by offering each player to play a role with a special weapon or be a medic to look after your team.

What I love about Call of Duty is its approach to make new players more comfortable. For example, the game offers you an option to either let you fire the weapon on your own or let the game fire for you once you aim. For new players like me, it was a great way to increase the involvement in a match and have a better chance in playing with the professionals. PUBG MOBILE has always gone for a more rough approach by not offering any training or tips on how to play.

Graphics: Great graphics aren't just restricted to PC anymore

PUBG MOBILE has led the mobile gaming industry in terms of graphics quality for a while until Gameloft dropped Asphalt 9: Legends. That said, the game still looks good on high graphics and each update has been improving the visual effects - the latest one added rain to two maps.

Call of Duty Mobile in comparison has noticeably better graphics. If you were impressed with the details in PUBG MOBILE, then Call of Duty Mobile will simply blow you away. The detailing on the character's dresses are impeccable - all the pockets on the dress, the weapons, the stitching and the colour patterns - this is on par with what you get in PC games now.

The detailing also extends beyond the characters. The lighting effects are impeccable and the reflections on puddles surely look close to what you see in the console games. The textures are quite detailed for a mobile game and map design is very clever.

Weapons: Both are equally good

Both PUBG MOBILE and Call of Duty Mobile have an impressively detailed roster of ammunition with extreme attention to details. Players need to learn about weapons and how they work in order to have a better shot at killing enemies. Call of Duty has a slightly serious approach to the weapon design and modification whereas PUBG goes for a slightly more fun approach.

Early impressions: Does the Chicken Dinner still hold its relevance over "the Duty"?

Not very much. Since Call of Duty Mobile dropped in, I have mostly noticed many PUBG players spending more time on the new game instead of logging hours in PUBG MOBILE. However, a major reason for that is that Call of Duty is new and will draw people's fancy for the first few days. In comparison, PUBG MOBILE hasn't changed much, even with the new Zombie modes.

However, Call of Duty Mobile has a better chance at scooping out a lot of PUBG followers in its favour. Those who have been yearning for a more serious military-based gameplay will find Call of Duty Mobile appealing. The graphics is also good and the game offers a lot many modes to get hooked to it. The gameplay is slightly relaxed but holds the classic Call of Duty vibe, which in itself will help its cause. And this is a great thing considering the game is still in the beta stage.

If you have registered for the closed beta, go ahead and download it. When this comes out, PUBG MOBILE will have serious competition and it would be interesting to see whether gamers embrace Call of Duty like PUBG or ignore it like Fortnite.

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