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Comparison between pubg lite and free fire

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Free fire vs pubg mobile lite

As we All know that nowadays mobile gaming are in trending. recently PUBG mobile launched it’s lite version i.e. PUBG mobile lite. In the list,we are going to compare free fire.


PubG Mobile Lite gaming size is 347 MB, Free Fire gaming size is 449 MB.both of games menu is the same, starting from one airplane and land though pursuit.both of games have features like old vice city you can enjoy running vehicle in your small smartphone and enjoy everywhere but there has a limited fuel tank. Gameplay is similar for both games but PUBG is a better gaming performance compared to Free Fire.


Released date of PUBG pc is 23 March 2017 and PUBG mobile released date is 9 February 2018. The release date of free fire is 4 March 2017. Remember free fire not a copy of PUBG.

Social media fans.

Free Fire having more than 10M page likes in Facebook, i.e. 11M+ likes

Where as PUBG has nearly 6.4M likes. which is just half of Garena free fire.

so again, Free Fire beats PUBG in social media fan followings.


while taking about downloads of both the games. let’s talk about the fact that free fire was the first game to hit the 100M downloads on playstore and now, as officially announced by Garena, that they are going to cross 500M soon. whereas PUBG was at 50M downloads. wow..!! that’s again just half of the Free Fire downloads.


Again let’s compare to the reviews of pubg mobile, free fire and hopeless land.

Free Fire having :- 29M user reviews.

PUBG mobile having :- 18M user reviews.

as compared to their user review, again free fire beats pubg lite.

PUBG Lite Reviews

As Free fire is already so popular and beated PUBG mobile, the thought that firstly came in mind that may be free fire is a biggest rival because it can play in 2GB of low end graphics smartphone, management of Tencent games Launched PUBG lite. PUBG lite can also run smoothly in 2GB ram smartphones. But as they focus in low end device user market, they reduced their graphics, battleplay, maps, and gameplay effects as well as guns damage. while now free fire is focusing on improving it’s Graphics and trust between their own users. as my personal opinion, PUBG mobile lite is just like a local company game as they have reduced guns damage in gameplay

Gaming features

Free Fire

This game gives 10-minute gameplay where players can remote on an island and survive against 49 players, Players can choose there starting with your own choice. There is the same safe zone, drive vehicle, Explore map, invisible by running under grass. There is an only thing to do survive. Create a 4 member group and communicate with voice command. This game can easily run with lower graphics smartphone.

Pubg Mobile Lite

This game is built by unreal 4 and the game is developed for less Ram Device. This game is easily running in low range device and it gives smooth gameplay. There are 40 people survival game, it almost similar to free fire and hopeless land. In this game, you can find your own weapons, vehicle and also last man standing game. This game feels Hd graphics with high command voice communication. You can enjoy realistic weapons and action.

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