Call of Duty Mobile: Everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile rival

Call of Duty Mobile: Everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile rival

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Call of Duty Mobile: Everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile rival

Activision is gearing up for the launch of Call Duty: Mobile. Announced at the GDC gaming conference earlier this year, the new game will be free game that will offer popular maps, weapons and characters from across all the popular Call of Duty series. The new game will also take on PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and others with battle royale settings. Ahead of the official roll-out on October 1, here’s everything you need to know Call of Duty: Mobile.

Multiplayer Combat

Once you’ve completed the introductory tutorial, Call of Duty: Mobile users will have the option to customise loadouts with primary and secondary weapons, choose the type of soldier, and add more equipment. As you become a pro in the game and complete objectives and tasks, you’re rewarded with classic Call of Duty characters such as John “Soap” MacTavish and Simon “Ghost” Riley from the Modern Warfare series. You can also unlock Alex Mason from the Black Ops series. The multiplayer combat also brings popular maps such as Hijacked and Nuketown. Gamers can choose between Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search & Destroy and other new and classic CoD experiences.

Battle Royale

Call of Duty has created a lot of buzz around its PUBG Mobile-like battle royale setting. In this mode, up to 100 players can enter the fight. You can play in Solo, Duo, or even enter as quad-player competitions. Gamers can leverage in-game items such as tactical raft, helicopter or ATVs to compete across water, air and land. You will also have the option to switch between first or third-person perspective.  

How to pre-register

Call of Duty: Mobile is scheduled to roll out worldwide on October 1. Except for few regions such as China, the new mobile game will be available through Google and Apple app stores. If you are already Call of Duty: Mobile user, your game progress will remain intact after the roll-out. Rest of you can pre-register for the game through the company’s official website.

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